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Changing the approach to building reliable reservoir models

ResX provides a broader digital, interdisciplinary framework to evaluate subsurface uncertainties and helps asset teams make better reservoir management decisions. Grounded in ensemble based methods, ResX enables a robust quantification of uncertainty across static and dynamic data conditioning and modeling.

Together, geoscientists and reservoir engineers can assess different concepts within a full range of geologically consistent—and equally likely—reservoir models. Through all stages of an asset’s lifecycle, ResX captures information found in all available data and propagates uncertainty through repeatable processes for the whole set of models.  This evergreen ensemble continuously provides new reservoir insights that drive high-value decisions.

Learning driven

Improve your reservoir modeling efforts with highly efficient machine learning algorithms.

Team based

Experience an environment designed to make communication between subsurface disciplines not only necessary, but natural.

Outcome focused

Make better decisions by understanding how the information found in data influences reservoir performance.

How ResX Works

Data Curation

Your data and expertise





Dynamic Properties

Using all the available input data (seismic, structural, petrophysics and dynamic properties), the subsurface team configures the reservoir modeling workflow incorporating their domain and subsurface knowledge, while capturing and propagating uncertainties.


Facies, Faults, Petrophysics, Ø, krel, k, Sw, Pc, Fluid contacts, etc.


Consistent model realizations

Reservoir Modeling and Data Conditioning

Efficient machine learning algorithms capture information in all available data



ResX generates models that honor all available data, abide by the reservoir physics, while incorporating uncertainty throughout the modeling and data conditioning process.


ResX simultaneously conditions both static and dynamic data making it truly different to other reservoir modeling and data conditioning approaches.

Reservoir Insights

New insights driving improved decisions


With an ensemble of models that incorporate all available data and captures subsurface uncertainties, ResX provides new insights that help the subsurface team mitigate risks in critical decisions.


This allows the team to weigh alternative strategies to meet various corporate targets and benchmarks, including return on investment, production volumes, reserves replacement or growth.

Evergreen Models

Update models when new data arrives


With an established ResX modelling workflow, the subsurface team can quickly update models when new wells are drilled or new dynamic data is obtained to ensure that reservoir management decisions are not made on the basis of outdated models.


ResX dramatically increases the team’s efficiency by ensuring that models are evergreen and ready to use for a variety of reservoir management tasks including forecasting, optimization, reserves estimation and field planning.

Learn more about ResX


Check out our latest article in the JPT April 2018 edition to learn more about what makes our approach to reservoir management different.

Release News

ResX 2019 is available for download.

How does ResX work?

Check out our latest video on ResX’s Integrated Reservoir Modeling workflow

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