Helping our clients reduce emissions

Resoptima modelling and analytics solutions provide customers with the tools to make decisions in their role as responsible stewards of their assets. Drilling fewer wells, optimizing the size of production facilities and providing better risk assessment tools to avoid environmentally-harmful accidents are some of the benefits of Resoptima technologies.

Resoptima coordinates a Joint Industry Project (JIP) to research optimization technologies to couple reduced carbon emissions with improved production performance.

Modelling for carbon capture

The projects to store carbon dioxide underground require the same approach as hydrocarbon extraction. The formation targeted for storage can have similar attributes, many of which are a risk to the viability of such projects: permeability barriers, heterogeneous rock properties, diagenesis, etc.. A thorough verification of the viability of carbon capture projects will be a necessity, and Resoptima is ready to work with its customers to apply existing tools and if needed support collaborative development initiatives to respond to new needs.

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