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Halliburton acquires Resoptima to enable DecisionSpace® 365 reservoir modeling and optimization.

Since 2010 Resoptima has been delivering Actionable Reservoir Intelligence, revolutionizing the way operators and their partners understand how their reservoirs behave. Applied to over 130 different fields worldwide, Resoptima’s unique technology and workflows help clients make better-informed decisions to optimize their capital deployment and achieve better ultimate recoverable reserves. The combination of Resoptima’s best-in-class reservoir engineering and science with Halliburton Landmark’s leadership in geology and drilling will offer unique and innovative solutions that enhance exploration success and reservoir recovery.
Goliat Field Offshore Norway

Streamlined reservoir modelling reduces planning turnaround

Objective  Identify and evaluate infill well targets in the Barents Sea Goliat Field  Solution  Integrate data, models and asset team insights into a repeatable workflow using a multidisciplinary reservoir modelling and…

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Ranking infill wells and adjusting the drilling schedule for optimal NPV

Objective Assess remaining reservoir volumes and identify potential infill targets Solution Combine machine learning algorithms with reservoir modelling and the knowledge of the subsurface team in one streamlined…

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Improved understanding of drainage patterns increases NPV

Objective Optimize the drainage strategy of the Olympus field under uncertainty, and compare results with the reactive control drainage strategy Solution IRMA Drainage Strategy Optimization (DSO) application – utilizes an ensemble of…

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Improved volumes estimate by incorporating drill stem test data

Objective Use static and dynamic data to better understand and estimate volumes for the Johan Sverdup field Solution Generate a large set of models capturing subsurface uncertainties using the ResX ensemble-based reservoir modelling…

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Reservoir and wells

Locating enhanced-permeability streaks in a carbonate reservoir

Objective Locate high permeability rock type prior to infill drilling to avoid water breakthrough Solution Create an ensemble of models with the inherent subsurface uncertainties, conditioned to all available data while remaining…

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Application areas

The challenges we solve

Thin beds


Complex reservoir formations

Reservoir formations are seldom homogeneous, and formation types such as carbonates offer additional challenges. Depositional and erosional features provide additional levels of complexity.

Fractured reservoirs


Faults and fractures

Discrete flow barriers within a reservoir formation, often difficult to identify on seismic data, must be located and properly understood.


Carbon abatement

Operators around the globe are focused on reducing the amount of carbon emissions associated with their field development and production activities

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