Our passion

In Resoptima we are passionate about building software that deliver superior insights from reservoir modeling and reservoir management activities. We are determined to empower subsurface teams to make faster and better decisions by creating actionable insights. Our goal is to bring the best out of subsurface teams and their data.

Through ensemble-based modeling we take an uncertainty centric approach. Integrating and placing the data in the middle of the asset team – easy sharing, constant engagement! We do not look at a base case, we view the ensemble as “the model”. This ensures that uncertainty is accounted for in the entire modeling cycle – you learn more, predict better and decisions are easier to make.


Ensemble based modeling and data conditioning

ResX delivers ensemble-based modeling and data conditioning in one single step, for increased reservoir understanding and unparalleled quantification of reservoir uncertainty. Combining efficient algorithms with your subsurface know-how, ResX provides an ensemble of models that respect the most up-to-date static and dynamic data measurements, while honoring reservoir physics.

Integrated reservoir management and analytics for your ensembles

IRMA is designed for ensembles from the ground-up, making it easy to break the habit of thinking of cases. It’s the environment required to make uncertainty centric modelling a reality.

Technology in action

Ensemble based methods have been proven and tested in weather forecasting, finance and other industries for decades. Resoptima deliver robust solutions for subsurface application. ResX and IRMA are continuously and successfully applied on a variety of assets worldwide – every day. From DST matching of greenfields in the North Sea, to history matching stratigraphic giants in the Middle East, we help create actionable insights.

ResX in early field appraisal

By including DST information in the ensemble modelling workflow on the Johan Sverdrup field, Lundin identified clear spatial trends in the sand thickness and permeability, giving them improved initial volume estimastes. The solution enabled frequent update of the ensemble as new data arrived and automated analysis of results for management decisions.

Geological consistency – complex turbidite reservoir

Learn how ENI used ResX to model and history match a complex turbidite reservoir with large uncertainties in faulting and channeling. The approach ensured geological consistency and workflow repeatability in the reservoir modeling and data assimilation process. New reservoir insights were identified through analysis of the ensemble, including better understanding of flow barriers and in-place volumes.

Speed, reliability & greater collaboration

Compute power, data and subsurface team expertise brought together to improve reservoir understanding in a fraction of time needed with traditional tools and approaches. Reservoir modeling and data conditioning were carried out in a single step with multidisciplinary engagement forming a streamlined process that could be run on a continuous basis through repeatable workflows


Ever found yourself spending too much time building reservoir models?
Even more time history matching them? And when you need to predict future reservoir performance there is just not enough time to do adequate work, let alone get a thorough understanding of reservoir uncertainties? If your next business decision is to plan a new well, optimize your current development strategy or you want to increase your subsurface understanding – do it together with us! Take an uncertainty-centric approach!  We’ll solve it with ResX and IRMA, but more importantly we’ll team up with you to bring the best out of your team and your data.

Your data, your team, your offices – together with you

Looking to do reservoir modeling, history matching & uncertainty quantification using ResX? Or need help run ensemble analytics, infill analytics or drainage strategy optimization on your ensemble? Team up with us to gain superior insight from your subsurface work.

Technology Adoption – Uncertainty Centric Modeling

New technologies often represent a need to change. Change the way we think, the way we collaborate and potentially also our processes. Stepping away from the old case centric approach is that type of change. We can deliver a collaborative engagement where we share our approaches to help this change be a success. We define success by getting your whole organization on board with the uncertainty centric approach, translating modeling effort into actionable decision support.

Reservoir modeling & management – Outsourced 

Squeezed between activities or have limited capacity within the team? We also run in-house studies. Run by our experts, in our offices, on our compute center we deliver rapid business value.

Our philosophy

There is a major opportunity in optimizing reservoir modeling and reservoir management activities. That is why we focus on delivering technologies that help asset teams overcome, what we call, the Seven Wastes. Overcoming the Seven Wastes will yield rapid and sustainable business value. This is an essential ingredient for a successful transformation in reservoir modeling.

The key to adding value, in both greenfield and brownfield developments, lies in establishing an environment for continuous discovery process. An environment that allows asset teams to quickly establish a repeatable process for uncertainty-centric reservoir modeling. An environment with tools that look at all available data simultaneously in the conditioning phase, enabling the subsurface team to incorporate new data quickly and continuously improve their knowledge about the subsurface. To learn more about our philosophy, check out our Chief Scientist Jon Saetrom’s article below.


Resoptima is committed to providing the highest level of user experience and expert customer support. Our skilled, experienced team of consultants personally answer your questions, assist with deployment, and resolve any technical issues to ensure you stay on track in meeting your deadlines.

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