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Core values

Customer success

We solve hard problems and we solve the whole problem. We are only successful when our customers are successful – we strive to deliver the outcome our customers want and we keep our promises.

High standards

We commit to the highest standards of execution and follow through on our commitments. We learn from our clients and from each other, the achievements and the shortcomings, with the one goal: to reach excellence, always.

Sustained innovation

We are ever attentive to industry signs that guide our entrepreneur spirit to understand and solve challenges others have shunned from. We are not afraid to go against conventional thinking, striving to deliver disruptive solutions with a keen management of the risks involved.


Founded in 2010, Resoptima is an independent technology company committed to dramatically improving the economic and operational performance of subsurface assets through robust software solutions and services..

As the first company to introduce new ensemble-based modelling methods that properly reflect the inherent uncertainties of subsurface assets, our products deliver better predictions. Resoptima leads the market in delivering remarkable efficiencies to a global customer base.

Decades of research

Resoptima has leveraged some two decades of research into the ensemble Kalman family of algorithms and applied the methodology to the process of reservoir modelling.

In 2013, we launched ResX, the industry’s first commercially available reservoir management software grounded in ensemble-based methods.

We initiated a Joint Industry Project (JIP) involving 5 operators, and developed the ResX 4D Seismic data conditioning module released in 2018.

Our investment in analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies applied to ensemble datasets resulted in the new IRMA product, our first SaaS product built with open micro-architecture concepts.

Resoptima scientists and engineers regularly contribute papers to industry conferences, many of them co-authored with our customers.

The team

With headquarters in Oslo and regional offices in the major energy hubs, the Resoptima team, from our leadership to software engineers and industry consultants, is united by shared values of initiative, innovation, and integrity that define every product and client interaction. Our passion for ongoing research & development, as well as to superior customer service, continues to fuel our commitment to delivering software solutions that provide valuable insights.

Resoptima executives collaborate to improve customer satisfaction

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