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SPE-175668-MS Improved Reservoir Management Decisions Using Ensemble Based Methods

Sætrom Jon, Katterbauer Klemens, Munck Tore Paper presented at the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, September 14–16, 2015

 SPE-181352-MS Consistent Integration of Drill-Stem Test Data into Reservoir Models on a Giant Field Offshore Norway

Jon Sætrom, Harald Selseng, Alister MacDonald, Tore Kjølseth, Odd Kolbjørnsen Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 26–28, 2016

IPTC-18868-MS Consistently Integrating Static and Dynamic Data in the Facies Model Description Using an Ensemble Based Approach

Jon Sætrom, Anish Phade, Morten Loell Vinther, Tore Felix Munck Paper presented at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, November 14–16, 2016

SPE-186049-MS Enhancing the Geological Models Consistency in Ensemble Based History Matching an Integrated Approach

A.. Perrone, F.. Pennadoro, A.. Tiani, E.. Della Rossa, J.. Saetrom Paper presented at the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, May 8–10, 2017

SPE-196683-MS Drainage Strategy Optimization – Making Better Decisions Under Uncertainty

Jon Sætrom, Konrad Wojnar, Martha Stunell Paper presented at the SPE Reservoir Characterisation and Simulation Conference and Exhibition, September 17–19, 2019

SPE-188557-MS Fast Integrated Reservoir Modelling on the Gjøa Field Offshore Norway

Jon Sætrom, Eirk Morell, Reza Rostami Ravari, Claire Le Maitre, Mailin Seldal, Paper presented at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference, November 13–16, 2017

 SPE-201750-MS Quantitative 4D Seismic Assisted History Matching Using Ensemble-Based Methods on the Vilje Field

Konrad Wojnar, Jon Sætrom, Tore Felix Munck, Martha Stunell, Stig Sviland-Østre, Knut Olav Hettervik, Idar Kristoffersen, Kent Andorsen Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, October 26–29, 2020

SPE-200735-MS Implementation of Ensemble-Based Reservoir Modelling on the Ærfugl Field

Ørjan Tveteraas, Geraldine Vey, Andor Hjellbakk, Konrad Wojnar Paper presented at the SPE Norway Subsurface Conference, November 2–3, 2020

SPE-205854-MS An Integrated Ensemble-Based Uncertainty Centric Approach to Address Multi-Disciplinary Reservoir Challenges While Accelerating Subsurface Modeling Process in an Onshore Field, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Salahaldeen Alqallabi, Abdul Saboor Khan, Anish Phade, Mohamed Tarik Gacem, Mustapha Adli, Faisal Al-Jenaibi, Sheharyar Mansur, Lyes Malla, Dario Benedictis Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, September 21–23, 2021

SPE-205212-MS History to Prediction Transition Calibration of Reservoir Simulation Model Ensemble

Bjørn Egil Ludvigsen, Mohan Sharma – Paper presented at the SPE Europec featured at 82nd EAGE Conference and Exhibition, October 18–21, 2021

SPE-207738-MS Demonstrating Flexibility and Cost-efficiency Of Integrated Ensemble-based Modeling – One Approach On Three Reservoirs.

Khan, A., Alqallabi, S. A., Al-Jenaibi, F. S., Gacem, M. T., Adli, M., Phade, A. A., Skorstad, A., Mansur, S. and Malla, L. [2021]. Proceedings of the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Conference and Exhibition, November 15-18, 2021

URTEC-208291-MS Introducing Iterative Ensemble Kalman Smoother to History-Matching Horizontal Coalbed Methane Wells

Rubakumar Sankararaj, Sylvain Ducroux, Dan Kuznetsov, Fengde Zhou – Paper presented at the SPE/AAPG/SEG Asia Pacific Unconventional Resources Technology Conference, November 16–18, 2021

SPE-209557-MS Reducing Subsurface Uncertainties by Ensemble Based Methods

Ary N. Ahmed, Henrike Grunhagen, Bernardo Moyano, Charlotte Faust Andersen, Eivind Bøyum, Radzieman Mohamad, Saeed Fallah Bolandtaba, Wesam Ben Mansour, Olawale Ibrahim Ajala, Subhi Sadigov, SPE Norway Subsurface Conference, April 27, 2022

SPE-209566-MS Overcoming the Seven Wastes of Reservoir Modelling Projects

J. Sætrom and TC Sandø, SPE Norway Subsurface Conference, April 27, 2022

SPE-210144-MS Locating Infill Targets of an Offshore Field Using an Ensemble Based Integrated Uncertainty Centric Modeling Approach 

S. Sadigov, S. Bahjam, A.S. Lackner [2022] Paper presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, USA, October 5.

SPE-211409-MS: “Key Learnings From Application Of Ensemble-based Modelling On Three Giant Carbonate Oilfields For Optimal Economic Decisions Under Static And Dynamic Uncertainties”

S.A. Alqallabi, M.T. Gacem, Faisal Al-Jenaibi, S.Tahir, D.E. Ouzzane, M. Adli, S.M. Al Ameri, L.Malla, V.O. Segura Cornejo, A.A. Almarzooqi, R.Sunagatullin, Sri Rejekii, D.Voleti, F.M. Al Messabi, H.Montani, T. Shibasaki, K. Tani and F. Mohamed (ADNOC), Rubakumar Sankararaj, Sylvain Ducroux, Konrad Wojnar and Laurent Gourc (Resoptima) [2022]
Paper presented at ADIPEC 2022, Abu Dhabi, UAE, November 2.

EAGE EarthDoc Conference papers


Improved History Matching and Uncertainty Quantification for Gas Condensate Fields Using an Ensemble Based Approach

 A. Barliansyah, T. Skåre, T.F. Munck and J. Sætrom 77th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2015, Jun 2015

Ensemble Kalman Methods in Reservoir History Matching – Why Do they sometimes Fail and how Can you Fix it?

J. Saetrom*, T.F. Munck and E. Morell  Petroleum Geostatistics 2015 Sept 2015

Reservoir Modelling and Uncertainty Quantification – Why we Currently Fail and What we Can Do to Fix this

J. Saetrom, E. Morell and T.F. Munck  ECMOR XV – 15th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery Aug 2016

Drainage Strategy Analytics On The OLYMPUS Field

J. Saetrom  EAGE/TNO Workshop on OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization Sept 2018

Efficient Drainage Strategy Optimisation Under Uncertainty

M. Stunell, J. Saetrom, S. Ducroux  2nd EAGE Conference on Reservoir Geoscience  Dec 2019

Graphical Network Based Reservoir Modelling to Quickly Use Data and Physics to Explore the Subsurface

J. Saetrom and A. Skorstad  First EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition Nov 2020

From Digital to Decisions – The Required Value Adding Step

A. Skorstad and D. Gese Jarque Second EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition March 2022

Uncertainties: a Necessary Reflection of Our Understanding of the Subsurface – Embrace Them

P. Neri, Conference Proceedings, 83rd EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition pp1 2022

Achieving decision support the modern way: ensemble-based modeling of a pre-salt reservoir with large uncertainties”

A.he link was missing asS. Khan, A. Phade and A. Skorstad (Resoptima), N.Bastos, A.M. Lopes, M.Santos, J.A. Ferreira and F. Henriques (GALP) [2022]. Paper presented at the 3rd EAGE Sub-Salt Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, November 25

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