4D integration

4D seismic surveys are acquired periodically to assess the movement of fluid-fluid or fluid-oil contacts during the production of a hydrocarbon field. This information is critical to the identification of bypassed reserves, the assessment of the efficiency of individual injection wells, the anticipation of water breakthroughs and other critical issues. 4D seismic surveys ensure that the operator has the necessary information to continue to manage the reservoir to the best of its capacity while avoiding disruptive events that could affect the volume or quality of flow.

With the ability to condition seismic interpretation and characterization data using history matching, 4D seismic can also add significant robustness to predictions of future reservoir performance thanks to the precise localization of contacts.

See the software module ResX 4D Seismic or the brochure

ROV operation – Image ©2021 Magseis Fairfield

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