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Ensemble-based modeling

Resoptima is the trend-setting company that first released a commercial application embodying the true use of ensemble-based modeling to solve reservoir management issues. Since that launch in 2013, the ResX software has grown in maturity and in scope to become the reference solution for uncertainty-centric reservoir modeling.


At the heart of the process of describing a subsurface reservoir through various surface-based methods lies the obvious truth that just about every aspect of that geobody is only known with a certain amount of uncertainty. Boreholes drilled into the reservoir build up over time a number of known locations and known properties for a given formation at that very place, but the space between these wells remains subject to numerous different possible characteristics.

4D seismic integration

4D seismic provides at timely intervals crucial information on the evolution of liquid-liquid and liquid-gas interfaces, and it is essential that this information be brought into the reservoir modeling process to provide objective information to constrain uncertainties.


Ensembles carry very large datasets of both models and associated uncertainties. Resoptima has developed IRMA (Integrated Reservoir Management & Analytics) to provide a full suite of tools to analyze ensembles and extract value in terms of robust decisions.

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