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Resoptima develops and licenses advanced software technology and methods to resolve complex reservoir challenges. We also offer services based on our solutions, and staffed with our experienced subject matter experts and advisors.


When you contract our services to perform studies on your assets, our subject matter experts take over the project management and quality assurance roles to use our ResX and IRMA solutions to perform ensemble-based modeling and analytics on your data. The results are delivered to your team, to be integrated into your decision-making processes. With Resoptima completing your studies, you save time and resources and you are sure that ResX and IRMA are used to the maximum of their capabilities..

Examples of studies

  • Deliver ensembles tailored to customer requirements
  • 4D seismic constraint
  • Structural uncertainties
  • Delta analysis of multiple ensemble-based models

Examples of outcomes

  • Timing and location of infill drilling
  • Waterflood and water injection
  • Production management
  • Anticipating or remedying water breakthrough
  • Identification of bypassed hydrocarbons

Workflow consultancy

This element of our service offering consists in working closely with your experts to develop and test workflows specific to the problems that need to be addressed. Our experts can also peer-review client-developed workflows and provide guidance on ways to optimize and improve them. In ensemble-based modeling and analytics, workflows are tailored to asset specificities, so it is important to become proficient in this aspect.

Technology transfer

When deploying a new set of tools and new workflows, there is a learning curve to affect the transition and fully leverage the new capabilities. We recommend a holistic approach to this transition with a combination of services designed for maximum effectiveness:

  • Training – to get the team up to speed on the use of the solutions as applied to their data.
  • Joint workshop – getting the team familiar with the concept of low-constraint models, a necessary change in their habits and indispensable to allow the technology to properly explore uncertainties with as little bias as possible.
  • First steps mentoring – using with remote or on-site accompaniment, our specialists accompany the first projects to ensure that the different steps are optimally performed and understood.
  • Peer-assists – joint sessions that define an action plan for end-user deployment, followed by joint update reviews.
A proven collaborative process to ensure a complete adoption of new processes and work methods


Resoptima offers standard training courses designed to get professionals rapidly up to speed in their use of our solutions. See our dedicated training web page here .

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