Adding value to your assets

Resoptima develops and licenses advanced software technology and methods to resolve complex reservoir challenges. We also offer services based on our solutions, and staffed with our experienced subject matter experts and advisors.

If your preference is to deploy our solutions across your teams, we recommend making use of our training services.

Technical services

When you contract our technical services, our subject matter experts take your data and use our suite of software solutions to perform ensemble-based modelling and analytics. The results are delivered to your team to be integrated it into your decision-making processes. Use of Resoptima technical services saves you time and resources, and ensures that the software is used to the maximum of its capabilities.

Examples of technical service projects

  • Uncertainties quantification
  • 4d seismic constraint
  • Structural uncertainties
  • Grid parameterization
  • Multiple realizations of static / dynamic
  • Single ensemble analysis
  • Delta analysis of multiple ensemble-based models

Consulting and advisory services

This element of our service offering consists in taking an ensemble or a set of ensembles and providing our clients with the necessary insights to guide decisions on a number of operational challenges. These services can either performed in our offices or through on-site consulting.


  • Timing and location of infill drilling
  • Waterflood and water injection
  • Production management

Multi-scenario expert analysis

  • Anticipating or remedying water breakthrough
  • Identification of bypassed hydrocarbons
  • Compartmentalization
  • Uncertainties for structure or reservoir properties
  • Conformance

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