ResX license

ResX delivers ensemble-based modeling and data conditioning in one single step, for increased reservoir understanding and unparalleled quantification of uncertainty. Unlike other traditional methods, ResX is the only solution that simultaneously conditions the ensemble to static and dynamic data.

ResX 4D Seismic Module

The ResX 4D Seismic is an add-on module to a standard ResX license. It supports a 4D seismic data history matching workflow. ResX 4D Seismic allows for maximum flexibility in terms of what response and in what domain the comparison between simulation results and 4D signal is done. The module increases utilization of 4D data for reservoir characterization, delivering a better understanding of reservoir connectivity, the localization and nature of flow barriers and the volumes of bypassed hydrocarbons.

IRMA license

IRMA is designed for ensembles from the ground-up, making it easy to break the habit of thinking of cases. It’s the environment required to make uncertainty centric modelling a reality. IRMA applies analytics, data exploration, machine learning and visualization techniques to enable you to easily use ensembles of models to explore the subsurface, identifying new opportunities and their associated risks.

IRMA Lab module

Open & Extensible

IRMA Lab is an add-on module to the standard IRMA license, allowing you to experiment, develop algorithms and gain even more insights from your ensemble of models.
IRMA Lab is an open and extensible environment based on the Jupyter™ Notebook. You can integrate all your available ensemble data with popular data science languages (Python, Julia, R, Scala) and third-party libraries (MLlib, NumPy, SciPy, scikit-learn, and pyc3).

Fastrack your personalized analysis

Write IRMA plug-ins that add new components and integrate with existing ones. Ultimately, explore and use your ensemble of models to the fullest.

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