ResX developments

Product improvements in version 2023.1.0
January 2023

This page summarizes the main improvements included since the availability of ResX version 2022.1.0 and up to version 2023.1.0.
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User friendliness

  • Overhaul of the ensemble analysis process to facilitate running it a single time to highlight the quality of the ensemble
  • Advanced filtering in the -Ensemble based simulation study- process in both the -Objective function- and -localization- setups allows users to create specific sets of wells such as “all producers”; the sets can also be based on Petrel Saved Searches or discrete properties from the Petrel Models tree such as Zones or Segments 
  • Better filtering of points and more robust derivative computations for the DST feature

New features

  • The -Validation run- option runs a single simulation case to check study configuration prior to running a whole ensemble study
  • The -Create initial ensemble- process now has a preview window to assist in assigning inputs to the facies modelling workflow
  • Residual surfaces can now be used directly in the -Ensemble based simulation study- process, greatly reducing the complexity of related workflows
  • The new -Aggregate model properties- process allows users to make statistical maps and cross-sections for QC and to understand ResX updates made for history matching

Structural uncertainty workflow improvement

  • A large effort to improve the overall workflow for handling structural uncertainty, with a new ability to update horizons/surfaces when history matching.
  • Residual surfaces can now be used directly in the -Ensemble based simulation study- process, greatly reducing the complexity of related workflows
  • This also includes a number of tools to allow for surfaces to be aggregated and visualized for both QC and an improved understanding of the model updates
  • Additionally RFT/PLT objective functions are now correctly handled when the structural model is updated

Faster execution

  • The transfer of ensembles to IRMA is both much faster and more memory-efficient
  • The Kalman update algorithms and others have been refactored to dramatically reduce their memory footprint and enable the use of significantly larger datasets and models regardless of the number of wells, the size of grids or the amount of production data

Supported platforms

  • ResX 2023.1.0 runs on Petrel* 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022
  • ResX in DELFI is the version of our product that supports the DELFI* E&P Cognitive Platform
  • ResX supports Eclipse* compatible and Intersect* simulators

* Mark of SLB

Editor note:
The release of features for ResX is actually a continuous process, since the Resoptima development team uses agile development cycles to regularly update the software, typically 10 times within a calendar year.
This list is compiled to summarize the overall changes to the product over a major calendar year cycle.

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