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Actionable Reservoir Intelligence

Intelligence ( in-ˈte-lə-jən(t)s)

Various definitions capture the meaning of this word: “information concerning an … area”, “the act of understanding”. In military, political, business or investment activities, it is essential to the formulation of a strategy. Intelligence is rarely complete and unambiguous, which means that the strategies they feed must remain open and flexible to take into account new developments.

So why has reservoir engineering, used for the planification of field development and production management, relied for so long on a single deterministic model, when we know the subsurface to be uncertain in so many aspects?

Subsurface geoscientists and reservoir engineers must provide decision-makers with comprehensive, risk-assessed information to support a realistic planning and execution of activities that maximize the ultimate recoverable volume at the highest net present value possible.

They must provide actionable reservoir intelligence

Uncertainties are inherent to subsurface reservoirs

informed collaboration decisions

The reservoir is only sampled at discrete locations (mostly the existing wells and with seismic methods) and the characteristics, geometry and properties of the reservoir between the existing wells carries many uncertainties. A single model is therefore but one of the many possible representations of the subsurface that honours all the available data. Wrong assumptions about these unknown areas can, and often does, result in off-prognosis results that waste resources and make assets under-perform.

Reservoir intelligence

Resoptima was formed to commercialize the solution to this problem. The implementation of ensemble-centric modeling – and the workflows adapted to ensembles – together provide the tools to rigorously integrate uncertainties both for the teams building the models and the decision-makers using them. Read a sample of our many case studies demonstrating how Resoptima solutions delivered significant value to our customers.

Aiming for intelligence, as opposed to just information or data, Resoptima solutions shed light on the variability of the data and its impact on the decision-making process. Before committing resources, you need a view of everything you consider to be knowledge, and a rigorous assessment of what you may not know. Your strategies and plans must be designed to make a positive impact even if improbable but fact-based risks materialize.

Resoptima is leadership

Resoptima is constantly innovating and expanding the scope of ensemble methods, delivering the next level of de-risking of asset decisions. This is a combination of an investigative process to explore the whole realm of possible uncertainties free from bias or pre-conceived ideas, and new cloud-based products to analyze and compare ensembles.

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