Carbon abatement

Oil and gas will continue to provide energy and industrial raw materials for many years during the energy transition. Operators are committing to reduce as much as possible the carbon footprint of these activities during the transition. The option of electrification from renewable sources is not always possible depending on the location and the timeframe of the field production activity.

Resoptima solutions

Resoptima’s IRMA Software as a Service (SaaS), launched in 2019, has a number of tools to optimize operations, which can be used to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases during the reservoir lifecycle. Our solutions support the planning of fewer wells for a given production target for infill drilling activities. The separation of produced water topside is energy-consuming, so the ability to predict and mitigate increased water as a percentage of produced volumes results in the reduction of energy demand on a platform. Enhanced oil recovery programs that involve large volumes of water or gas injection can be optimized to ensure that the appropriate volumes are injected at the right locations to maximize sweep and avoid wasteful injections that do not contribute to an improvement in hydrocarbon production.

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