Resoptima announces 4D Seismic history matching for its ResX geomodelling and data conditioning product

News Article

OSLO, Norway, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Resoptima, the pioneer and leader in ensemble-based reservoir modelling, data conditioning and analytics, announced today the availability of 4D Seismic History Matching for ResX, the company’s flagship geomodelling and data conditioning product.

Developed in close cooperation with 5 E&P companies in a Joint Industry Program (JIP), the new ResX module delivers an efficient workflow for qualitative use of 4D seismic data in ensemble-based modelling, as well as for quantitative 4D seismic assisted history matching using ensemble-based methods.

The new software module helps to increase the utilization of data from 4D seismic surveys for reservoir characterization. The output is an ensemble of reservoir models consistent with static, production and 4D seismic data, while capturing uncertainty. The solution improves modelling practices, leading to a more robust set of history-matched models, better quantification of uncertainty in the forecast, and hence to an overall improvement in the decision-making process. 

“Overcoming the challenges in 4D seismic history matching”

4D seismic surveys provide data that can generate value in conditioning and updating reservoir models. Examples of the value that can be extracted from 4D seismic data include better understanding of reservoir connectivity, flow barriers and bypassed hydrocarbons. Capturing the value of 4D seismic data can lead to better reservoir management decisions, as the combination of 4D seismic data with production data in history matching can improve the quantification of subsurface uncertainties and conditioning of the reservoir models.

The new ResX module for 4D seismic data conditioning represents a significant advancement in the quantitative use of 4D seismic data in reservoir modelling. Ensemble-based methods represent the best approach for delivering a history matching workflow for time-lapse seismic data. They provide the flexibility and scalability required to assimilate high dimensional data and have a proven track-record as an efficient approach to data conditioning in reservoir modelling applications.

“Developed and tested in close cooperation with industry partners”

The development of 4D seismic data conditioning capabilities in ResX has been accomplished in close cooperation with 5 leading E&P companies, all with extensive experience in using ResX for geomodelling and data conditioning. The broad collaboration also ensured that the new ResX 4D seismic module delivers interoperability with 3rd-party seismic software packages, providing users with flexibility for integrating it with existing 4D seismic workflows.