EAGE Digitalization 2022


Vienna – Messe Wien Congress Center.
March 23-25 2022

Visit us at booth 22 during the EAGE Digitalization Exhibition and Conference in Vienna.

Attend our e-Poster on Thursday 24th in the session “Data, Decisions and Insights I” titled “From Digital to Decisions – The Required Value Adding Step” by Didac Jesse JARQUE and Arne SKORSTAD. Arne will also take part in Roundtable 1.01: Innovation and Better Decision Making will with 3 other speakers: Eirik Larsen (ESA), Sindre Jansen (TGS) and Carl Spetzler (SDG). It will be moderated by Alice Chanvin (Emerson) and Roman Spitzer (OMV).

Find out how we are transforming the way operators understand and operate their assets.

We offer the only true ensemble-based modelling system on the market that simultaneously conditions static and dynamic data, with the benefit of a highly-detailed management of uncertainties. Resoptima helps its customers gain better insights and clearer guidance on how to improve flows, increase their return on capital and be a better custodian of their assets.