Resoptima Launches IRMA

Resoptima is the pioneer and global leader in ensemble-based solutions for uncertainty-centric reservoir modelling and data conditioning and announced the availability of IRMA (Integrated Reservoir Management and Analytics), an environment for ensemble visualization and analytics, decision support and risk mitigation.

Developed in close cooperation with industry partners, IRMA visualizes and explores ensembles of reservoir models as cohesive units, not collections of individual cases. This means that IRMA handles the ensembles as if they represented a single model of the reservoir under uncertainty. IRMA simplifies the tasks of forecasting, optimizing, exploring opportunities, improving the understanding of the reservoir and developing insights for refining the models.


Powered by the most advanced algorithms for ensemble-based analytics

IRMA applies prescriptive analytics, machine learning and visualization techniques in order to explore the subsurface and identify new opportunities and associated risks. IRMA automatically ingests and manages ensemble data from ResX and from other data sources, managing each ensemble as an integrated model of the reservoir under uncertainty.

“The power of ensemble-based reservoir modelling is well-known in the industry,” said Atila Mellilo, CEO, Resoptima. “Using our flagship product ResX, our clients are able to compress by 90% or more the time needed to go from subsurface data to fully conditioned ensembles of reservoir models that assimilate and honor all available static and dynamic reservoir data.”

“However, the most popular reservoir modelling software packages have not been designed with ensembles in mind and advanced tools were needed to handle ensembles as cohesive units, extracting the full benefit of aggregated statistics and providing specific ensemble-oriented analytics. That is why we built IRMA,” explained Mellilo.


Open, microservice-oriented systems architecture

IRMA is an open application based on a microservice-oriented architecture. The micro- services can run on all types of cloud-based architectures (open, private, hybrid) as well as on-premises. The services connect to data sources via open APIs and are accessed by users through a modern web-based interface.

“As an independent company, Resoptima is able to have an environment-agnostic strategy for deploying IRMA,” outlined Mellilo. “We cooperate with a number of cloud-based providers, but we are also in position to deploy in whatever environment the client would prefer, including on-prem, private clouds and hybrid clouds.”


Seamless integration with ResX for closed-loop, continuous learning

IRMA integrates seamlessly with ResX, Resoptima’s flagship ensemble-based geo-modelling and data conditioning product, which has been trusted by asset teams around the world for rapid, uncertainty-centric reservoir modelling and data conditioning.


Together, ResX and IRMA deliver an end-to-end integrated and automated workflow

that quickly closes the loop between input data and simulation models and provides analytics for insights and decision support.

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