Resoptima is hiring – Software Engineers

At Resoptima, we are in the process of expanding our team of software engineers, a group of strong coders who are passionate about functional programming and product craftsmanship. Our new developers will help us engineer and build the most advanced reservoir modeling and management solutions in the global market.

We work on a challenging suite of applications helping scientists and engineers to manage oil reservoirs. The core of our system is developed in F# and C# in a microservice architecture, and the front-end is TypeScript and React. The services run on OpenShift and use PostgreSQL for persistence. We believe that expressive, declarative code is more frequently correct code.


Who you are

  • Have a university degree in computer science (or related field)
  • Experience of functional programming and static type systems in languages such as F#, Scala, Haskell etc.
  • A desire to strive for efficient, understandable, and flexible abstractions in code
  • Passionate about building scalable software that solves real-world problems
  • Excited by product-driven thinking
  • Thrive in a Lean/Agile environment


What we offer

  • A competitive salary
  • Optional employee stock purchase plan
  • Awesome colleagues, a fun working environment and serious responsibilities
  • Modern tooling. Big monitors, GitHub, Slack etc.
  • An office with great views over Slottsparken


How to apply

Visit our Careers page and apply from the link provided.


About Resoptima

At Resoptima we are passionate about driving value through effective reservoir management. We deliver scalable software and high-value services for reservoir modeling and reservoir management, efficiently integrating static and dynamic data in repeatable modeling workflows. We believe in working and succeeding together with our clients to save time, reduce costs and minimize risk.

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