At Resoptima we are passionate about driving value through effective reservoir management.

Through innovation we deliver scalable software and high-value services for reservoir modelling and reservoir management, efficiently integrating static and dynamic data in repeatable modelling workflows.

We believe in working, and succeeding together with our clients, to save time, reduce costs and minimize risk.

Meet your Deadlines, Keep your Promises

Decrease turnover time by 90% or more, from collecting new field data to having consistently updated models. Reduce the risk of surprises in your reserves estimates and future production forecasts.


Running out of time?

By continuously conditioning models to static and dynamic data, ResX dramatically increases the team’s efficiency.


Misleading forecasts?

Avoid anchoring to a base-case! ResX generates forecasts based on an ensemble of reservoir models, providing forecasts with a realistic view on uncertainty.


The Methodology

ResX is based on 20 years of research. By taking a geostatistical approach to data conditioning using an iterative ensemble Kalman smoother, ResX continuously creates value for our clients on a wide range of fields, worldwide.

Repeatable Reservoir Modelling Workflows

If you are challenged with an increased amount of data and limited time, ResX improves your chance of successful data integration.
Giving you high quality reservoir models with improved predictability, repeatedly!


Why rebuild, when you can update!

An automated workflow, using ResX, makes the reservoir modelling and history matching process repeatable and greatly simplifies the process of updating models as new data arrives.


Asked to account for uncertainty?

Instead of treating uncertainty as an add-on, ResX allows uncertainty assessment to drive reservoir modelling and history matching.


History match all your fields

ResX works equally well on small fields with limited number of data measurements, as for truly giant sized fields with decades of production data.

Capitalize on Improved Reservoir Management Processes

Reservoir management, using ResX, allows asset teams to identify quickly, and capitalize on opportunities to improve field productivity and efficiency.


Convert data into value

Data is readily available, utilize all static and dynamic data to increase the return of investment in your reservoir modelling & history matching efforts.


When are we coming off plateau?

ResX provides an ensemble of reservoir models for predictions. Hence, reliable estimates of e.g. reserves, time to water breakthrough, or time on plateau are readily available under uncertainty


Infill drilling – where & when?

Spend time identifying robust infill well targets and optimize well placement with ResX.